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. they asked all contractors and property owners to secure local sites. we have more incredible pictures to show you. a surveillance camera capturing water. this is the park. this is water gushing through the streets and three paths from the train station from hoboken, new jersey and other train administrati stations in new jersey and new york are closed. >>> some of the boards here are destroyed. piles of debris everywhere. in baltimore, maryland, along the waterfront at the inner harbor, superstorm sandy left it covered in water. drivers could not use the road until just about two hours ago. they had to give time for the water there to recede. >>> we can tell you sandy dumping heavy snow on parts of west virginia. snowshoe is completely covered. more than a foot of snow hit hard by sandy. one woman, sadly, reported dead here as a result of a traffic accident. more than 128,000 people in west virginia remain without power. >>> here is a look at the height of the superstorm as it rolled through point pleasant beach, new jersey last night. the surge came through like a raging river floodi
for local dispensaries? i'll have the reaction coming up. >>> i'm giving a thumb's up if you can see it. >> and vote of confidence. the first family and republican challengers gear up for the debate. why the showdown could be a game changer. >>> and this is bob redell. what's it like playing on the giants trying to hit one of those 100-mile-an-hour fastballs? we're going to give it a go coming up. >>> good luck. right now, we will give you a live look spanning over downtown san jose. christina loren says brace yourself. a smorgasbord on the weather front. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good tuesday morning. always a pleasure. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. new this morning, silicon valley is once again buzzing as the most valuable company gets ready to make another announcement. this news coming into the newsroom two hours ago. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew have ts the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the iphone 5 was announced last month. the distant past. the last time you paid the mortgage, it has been that long. apple sending out an invitation
wave tonight. tomorrow morning, a showery commute with afternoon thunderstorms, mostly over our local mountains. and then by wednesday, a few a.m. showers, finally getting that sunshine. but temperatures will be cool throughout the week. we still have more to talk about when it comes to that giants game. stick around for that forecast. right now, back to you guys. >> christina, thanks so much. we want to continue our storm coverage with arturo santiago who is live in san jose where they are getting a break from the showers. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, marla. and we are getting a little bit of a break here. we're right off highway 280. and we're getting some sunshine and a little bit of blue skies right now. 280 is drying up pretty much. but it has been a very cold and soaking wet morning for the bay area. the wind and the rain caused a variety of problems. drivers did have to travel on slick, wet roads and highways in the morning rush hour as the driving rain created hydroplane conditions and kept down speeds. commuters did have to splash through a good amount of s
on the nhl lockout and how it has the local electronics company making some last-minute changes. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> the latest in line for the nhl lockout and still no deal. sharks fans are now waiting to find out how many more games could be canceled. they could get word today. the electronic arts has adapted the nhl '13 video game to reflect the lockout. many players have gone to the european league to play during the stoppage. >> that's pretty cool. art imitating life. >>> a san diego county kayaker has found a message in a bottle that floated 6,000 miles from australia. >> sandra pulled two bottles and inside messages written by two 10-year-old new zealand boys. one letter was intended to be a time capsule with the greeting "hello future." they were tossed out in may as part of a school project. >> the boys in new zealand must be excited as i. i haven't heard from them yet. >> how
to what your state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. do not delay. don't pause. >> in new york city, water is already flooding battery park. the city could get the worst of the storm surge up to an 11 foot wall of water that could hit manhattan. mayor bloomberg is urging residents to listen to evacuation orders. >> on the coast and waterways have begun rising and are expecting to remain at higher levels for the next 24 hours. >> and here's a look at times square earlier this morning. a relative ghost town all because of sandy. mass transit and schools are closed. in addition to the evacuation in the big apple, also a number of other cities on the east coast. wall street shutdown for the first time since the september 11th attacks. it gives you an idea of how bad sandy is expected to be. sandy leaving a mark on parts of north carolina. these are pictures from curo beach 30 miles north of wilmington. rising tides flooded homes. as many as 50 million people are in that hurricane's path. >> let's get right to meteorologist christina loren
is a small reminder of the profound and very local impact this man had on our community. he was a visionary. >>> new at 11:00. the mother accused of driving off and leaving her 10-year-old daughter behind during a grocery store shoplifting attempt is back in the bay area. she's scheduled for a court appearance this afternoon. we have new video of the 38-year-old walking into the main jail. she was arrested last week near re reno. police say she drove away from a safeway two weeks ago and left her daughter with a cart load of groceries not paid for. one week later, she was found in nevada. her family says she's had a lot of issues including suffering from depression. >>> we have new detail es in the sexual abuse case involving a teacher at an albany middle school. new victims are now starting to co come. he was found dead in his car less than a week later. in a brand new report, police confirm his death was a inside. police say several girls have started coming forward claiming they too were sexually molested by that teacher. his arrest and subsequent death just shocked the school and sparke
in a light tan buick sedan. >>> happening right now, a boycott of a local supermarket chain. a community group right now encouraging shoppers to stay away from pueblo. workers and community groups are very upset over mi pueblo's decision to join the federal e-verify system which a system that checks the immigration status of all new hires. federal immigration agents are auditing that supermarket chain after receiving complaints about suspected undocumented immigrants working at the stores. mi pueblo has stores from vallejo to salinas and also in the central valley. >>> today cleanup is under way after protesters smashed windows and threw paint at oakland city hall overnight. almost 200 anti-war protesters smashed windows and threw paint at half a dozen buildings. police say the demonstration was to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. there are no reports of arrests or injuries. >>> there are new calls for a more thorough cleanup at treasure island. state health regulators say the former naval base might still be drenched by decades worth of radioactive material.
a local boy scout who happens to be gay. now see what he has to say to ellen before he goes on this afternoon's show. >>> more loans to tesla. we'll look in business news. >>> straight to decision 2012, joe biden and paul ryan face off tonight in kentucky and the only vice presidential debates. after last week's strong showing by mitt romney in the presidential debate, ryan is looking to continue that momentum. ron mott reports. >> reporter: after one final cram debate session in florida, paul ryan emerged wednesday sporting a sweet tooth. and an appetite for a fight with the vice president. he even flexed his muscles for "time" magazine. a photo shoot from last year headed back to newsstands. >> he's one of the most extreme debaters we have in politics but the achilles' heel he has is president obama's record. >> he walked into a rock star welcome in kentucky in kentucky. his opponent, vice president, joe biden, is scheduled to arrive later today having prepped by battle by consuming all things ryan. his speeches, his budget, his book. >> i just want to make sure that when
clearing everywhere except the local mountains. 57 degrees. it is still cold in novado. it is cooler here in san jose than san francisco. we are at 61 degrees. now as we head through the day today, finally getting rid of the area of low pressure that has brought the rain just about every single day this week. it is also what contributed to the thunderstorms that we had through gilroy producing almost golf ball-sized hail. the cold front will come through and reinforce the cool air in place. it will dry us out. we are done with the showers between 1:00 and 5:00 tonight. we stop the clock. getting a lot of sunshine over the greater bay area. the mountains will hold on to the cloud cover. highs today work out like this. 70 degrees in livermore. 68 in gilroy. if you can get out to campbell this weekend. octoberfest. temperatures creeping up by almost 10 degrees. as we head through the next couple of days, changes on the way. 79 degrees on saturday. 81 degrees on sunday. we will warm up throughout the remainder of the extended period. by wednesday, close to 90 degrees. you don't have to put aw
to the potential for some strong afternoon thunderstorms to develop, especially over our local mountains. start with the live picture and you can see the cume below nimbus towers. same deal here over the mountains. that's where you're going to find the clouds and that's the best chance for seeing some of these thunderstorms and they could be strong. we'll be on storm watch here on nbcbay area all throughout this afternoon. what's happening most of the heavy rain came through with the cold front, but the jet stream still situated over the bay area. a very unstable air mass and still have the chance for the higher elevation thunderstorms. some could push throughout the valley floor. by tomorrow, we'll get a round of showers and then cool pm sunshine. warm and sunny weather just a few days away. i'll show you how that looks on your seven-day outlook. not too early to start thinking about the weekend, guys. i think we'll see a really nice one around here. >> looking forward to it, christina, thank you. >>> less than 24 hours to celebrate the extra large victory and then get down to the real busines
and not to sound homey here, but celebration of family and community. a local high school is a big part of san francisco's history to be here for the second time. if you look at the crowd, you see everyone with their families. >> mayor ed lee wanted this to be a family event. some of the school districts are saying it is not cool to take your kids out of school. this is a once in a lifetime, or a twice in a lifetime experience for a lot of people here. >> with this team, we say this, two years ago, we said it is a once in a lifetime. now we are doing it again. with the core of the team, it would not be surprising for any baseball fan if the giants do it again. they have such a nucleus of talented players. >> dynasty? >> right now, it is the here and now as you look at market street. there is san francisco fire department with john miller, the hall of fame broadcaster for the giants. right there, if not the best among the best broadcast team in all of sports. >> they are such a respected and beloved broadcasting team. >> we joke around. there is the spanish broadcast team as well. >> yes. they
approved a request to suspend public hearings and hold closed-door negotiations on this matter. local lawmakers are protesting this decision. they say the pipeline talks should not be hidden from public scrutiny. the judge says the suspension will allow a quicker settlement. eight people were killed and dozens of homes destroyed in the explosion on september 9th of 2010. >>> uc berkeley graduate david wineland along with a french physicist are sharing this year's nobel prize in physics. the nobel committee making that announcement this morning in sweden. the duo, winning for inventing methods to observe properties of the quantum world, research that led to the construction of extremely precise clocks, and it also helped scientists take their first steps towards building. the super-fast computers. wineland holds a bachelor's degree from uc berkeley, and he grew up in sacramento. he is currently a physicist at colorado. so a big-time congratulations. >> we grow some smart people around here. >> indeed. >> in these neck of the woods. >> right here. i can vouch for it. >>> christina loren
technology to go after al qaeda and other terrorist groups. the local drones would be smaller and would not carry weapons. someone would control the unmanned drones remotely from the ground. again, the news conference just getting under way. they're urging the sheriff to not go forward with this idea of bringing drones into the skies of alameda county. >> with those potential drones up in the sky, the streets could soon be patrolled with outside help. city leaders considering a plan to hire sheriff's deputies and chp officers because of high attrition rates. council members say this would only be temporary up the next group of police academy cadets graduate. the city has not said exactly how many officers it plans to hire or how it will end up paying for their salaries. >>> an early morning house fire which has become an active crime scene after firefighters found a dead body inside the house. this all happened on san carlos avenue not too far from the 580-238 interchange. that is with christy smith joins us live from the scene with more on the fire along with what neighbors there and p
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13